Created in 2015 by Hagen Richter, HET is a Berlin-Based record label specializing in deep, ambient and experimental Techno. They are now releasing their 6th record covering a wide range of genres, from Hypnotic Techno to acid and harder sounds.

You might not know this small independent label yet, but it’s definitely worth your interest. HET fits perfectly with the definition of the small underground label: not pressing the promo button, but publishing tracks from very talented artists from the scene. Their previous 5 releases contained tracks from great artists, such as Electric Indigo, Tensal or Anja Zaube. Focusing initially on vinyl-only releases, their main goal is to offer quality Techno records for vinyl enthusiasts, designed to be spun on various dancefloor situations.

HET006 is the first Various Artists EP of the label. Releases on June 15th, this record is featuring tracks from the talented Berlin-based artists Tigerhead, Justine Perry, Jay Quentin and Hagen Richter. Even if it seems a curious combination of artists, the accurate cohesion of this mix creates a particular unity in this record.

Opening with the powerful and dynamic track ‘’Sleeping Paralysis’’ from the well-known Killikill label residents Tigerhead, this record his made to hit the post-pandemic dancefloor. Presenting her raw style, surprising and full of diversity, she offers us here a strong Techno track to keep the public on dancing until the middle of the night.

The second track is produced by Justine Perry, the now pretty well-known Hypnotic Techno DJ and resident of Art Bei Ton. This track is her first solo track released after her debut track “Swell”, a collaboration with the Georgian artist Petit Astronaute, released in 2020 on DNC Limited. This track reflects nothing less than what we could expect from Justine – a great hypnotic track with a deep bassline and intense rhythmic.

The B side begins with a deep and driving techno track by Jay Quentin. Playing records for over 20 years and hosting parties at ://about blank, he released a highly anticipated track ‘’Information Superhighway’’ on ://about blank004 EP in 2018. He’s now re-emerging from Berlin’s underground with his new track ‘’Fatal Accident in Suicide Forest’’, taking ravers and listeners on a deep musical journey.

Closing the record with his track ’’F.O.R.”, Hagen Richter is bringing us the perfect tool for DJs to put their public in trance. This dark and intense acid track is definitely one of the highlights of this release.

This record is already available on HET’s Bandcamp page, as well as on the main online store (More info). And if you’re in Berlin on June 25th, you would be able to hear DJ sets from all the artists from this VA, including a live performance by Jay Quentin, at the HET release parties at ://about blank (More info).