Float away into the ether with weightless notes and mesmerizing sequences through Polygonia‘s liveset for this edition of MNMT Live.

With little introduction needed, Polygonia, co-founder of the IO collective in Munich, Germany, has spent most of her life exploring numerous corners of the music world. Jumping from an extensive background in acoustic instruments and into modern electronic avenues, Polygonia has infused an organic and natural twist in many of her productions. Alongside an intrinsic drive to explore other disciplines such as cerebral digital art, styled photography, and audio visual compilations, each of Polygonia’s productions have an aesthetic of their own.

Constantly growing a catalog, Polygonia’s past productions can be found under imprints such as Lowless, Jazz-o-Tech, On Board Music, Lett Records, Alexandar and more. With notable releases including “Kaepora’s Vision” and “Deformed Human Nature,” listeners can find an array of flavors in each of her creations. Though often inspired by nature and heavily textured, Polygonia also explores sound in the deeper techno and electronic realms.

For this episode, Polygonia extends her wide range of sound in a masterfully constructed liveset. Beginning the hour with uplifting and giddy sound, it doesn’t take long for the set to introduce thought-provoking elements. Jumping from pulsating polyrhythms to deeper synths to cutting percussion, listeners are treated to an original compilation to ponder. 

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