Continuing her career as a DJ since 2015, graduated from Berklee sound engineering in 2019; Vildan owns a residency ‘Revolt Techno’ an underground techno events in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is also the founder of “we R special” an underground techno formation based in Istanbul, where she train and mentor talented young people who are interested about electronic music. 

In her dj sets, she includes different kind of electronic music; from minimal, drone, and ambient to hypnotic, driving and techno.

Today, she presents us her 10 current favorite tracks.

1- Barker – Polytely [Ostgut]

2- Kangding Ray – Branches [Figure]

3- Bambounou – Send when you land [BAMBE]

4- Rhyw – Season of Teeth [AVIAN]

5- James Ruskin – Shortcut [BLUEPRINT]

6-Ritzi Lee – The first Bytes [MORD]

7- Hemissi – 4-2 [MORD]

8- Divide – Trascurato [AWRY]

9- Blawan – Fizzy City
[Upcoming on Ternecs]

10 – Planetary Assault Systems – Bang Wap [Token]

bonus: Bonus: Stanislav Tolkachev – Tag everyone and say nothing [RHOD]