Simone Bauer invokes primal instinct in MNMT 301 with a journey of pulsing drums, deep rhythm, and experimental design.

Hailing from Terni, Italy, Simone Bauer has emerged as an artist with a unique focus on the deep and hypnotic techno movement. With a background in drumming and passion for nature, Simone Bauer‘s style of production often-times blends the two; offering distinct avenues for his sound to travel. Specializing in designs ranging from deep patterns that encourage internal meditation, to lighter blends of natural timbre and atmosphere, his sound is both dense and uplifting.

In past years, Simone Bauer has released under an array of imprints to share the direction of his auditory style. With highly acclaimed releases under Sure Thing , Annulled, and Accents Records — and too many more to mention, his productions are constantly evolving into more areas.

For MNMT 301, Simone Bauer builds on his primal sound to create an intoxicating journey of twists and turns. At times showcasing elements of IDM and DnB, the entire set touches unexpected corners, playfully pushing the listener to explore raw patterns. This is truly a journey to sink into and explore each surprise!

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Photo Credit: Angelo Leonardo