With high praise, MNMT welcomes back natural/electronic.system. for a special 300th podcast to showcase their distinguished sound – including a diverse arsenal of organic percs, steady synths, and universal grooves. 

From their deep-seeded roots in Naples, Antonio Giova and Valerio Gomez de Ayala sought influence from the various electronic movements across their home country in Italy. Whether it be late 90s Neapolitan electronic music, or Rome’s notorious rise in the scene soon after, the two artists formed a duo as an outlet for innovation. Over the 15 years, the pair has become acclaimed for both storytelling on podcasts and thought-provoking productions, often challenging modern direction within techno. 

In addition to having performed in an array of festivals such as Labyrinth (Japan), Parallel (Spain), Organik (Taiwan), and venues with the likes of Shelter, Tresor, and Funkhausnatural/electronic.system.  attributes a humble but devoted following from their widely-listened sets on platforms such as mnml ssgs and Smoke Machine. Likewise, the duo has received equal praise in their efforts as producers. Beginning with their first release on Tikita, natural/electronic.system. has become a notable force in the scene; eventually collaborating with Neel and producing for Delsin Records and Midgar

For MNMT 300, natural/electronic.system. presents high caliber, original works alongside gems from other producers in the scene. The duo curates a funky, highly danceable podcast with sprinkles of atmosphere to calm the energy – before their cerebral drum patterns overtake once more.

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