We are excited to release our last recording from Anecumene online festival with the wonderful set of our very own curator of premieres: Paula Koski.  Anecumene was an online event curated by the label A Strangely Isolated Place, the Spanish series of events Calma, the Korean-based label Oslated and Monument that took place on 9128.live radio platform during November 13 – 15th. 47 unique artists joined forces to create an exciting and diverse lineup with more than 48 hours of non-stop broadcasting; including DJ-sets and live performances.

Paula Koski has carved out a niche for herself with a multifaceted sound that ranges from ambient and experimental to richly layered dark, hypnotic and psychedelic techno. 

Finland-born, but Berlin-based, Paula projects her sense of aesthetics and composition into non-verbal tensional sound creations, always coming with a clear common thread.

As the head of premieres, Paula is one of the core members of team Monument. This position provides her a kaleidoscopic perspective on contemporary techno.

Dive into Paula Koski‘s warped mix of progressively darker tones. Including obscure selections of drone, ambient, deep, and hypnotic techno, the duration is sure to stimulate and paralyze at various points.

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