For MNMT 297, Hierarchy constructs obscure textures and deep atmospheres for a methodical approach to techno’s darker corners.  

Created in 2019 to explore wider interests within techno subgenres, Hierarchy is an alternate moniker for the acclaimed artist “A Sacred Geometry” (ASG). While remaining separate in the past, Hierarchy adopts the current alias full-time, leaving A Sacred Geometry as the imprint of the record label. 

Always evolving, Hierarchy’s style has found itself in the crates of curators for a variety of converging sounds. Highly textural, dub, deep frequencies, and pulsating rhythms are a few key elements sprinkled across past releases. Most notably, his “Chapter Series,” under the ASG alias from 2015 to 2018 showcased the intense detail to his production design. 

With MNMT 297, Hierarchy continues his vision of experimental design for a complete journey. Detouring the listener through dense soundscapes, deep synths, and pulsating rhythms, it’s hard not to get lost!

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