For MNMT 294, Utopian gives an introspective guide to the deeper and progressive flavours of techno’s corners.  

From Granada, Spain, Isidro Bolívar DJs under the moniker Utopian to explore and curate deep techno’s obscure sounds. Being particularly influenced by the Italian techno scene, he has developed a craft for building sets through improvisation, technical ability, and precise transitions. Without boundaries or limitations, Utopian often experiments between heavy ambience, experimental sounds, and dance-oriented techno. Through this distinct flavor and creativity, Utopian has performed sets for internationally acclaimed promotions and podcasts such as Oslated, Alpenglühen, Calma festival, and Campfire. 

With his latest podcast on MNMT, Utopian explores his techno roots to bring a revolving set – offering contrast between introspective techno and dance-oriented sounds. Completely improvised and with a Xone 92, some Technics, and CDJS, listeners are prompted to an intimate and personal set with raw storytelling. Take a step into Utopian’s control panel and explore the introspection of his careful curations!

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