Spring is finally here, and MNMT Premiere returns with monthly recap articles.

Please find below the list of great new music we hosted in Monument Premiere in the month of April in 2021 – all carefully chosen for you.

Milena Glowacka – Illusion / Accents Records

Ø [Phase] – Fugue State

Hiver – Time Lapse

Yant – Electronic Space Storm

Valentino Mora – Membrane

Atoloi – Umida Superficie

A n j e – Lights Orbit Around A Black Hole

Evitceles & Fortunes Brine – Fallow

Adhémar – The Growth Of Plants (Toki Fuko Interpretation)

Worg – Nuda Veritas

Bichord – Polo Negativo

CØRE – Cavern (Human Space Machine Remix 2)

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