For this new episode of the Tracklisting project, we are happy to welcome Mown, a french and talented young artist residing in Berlin who is no stranger to Avant-garde styles of artistry.

Mown has been compulsively collecting records that he serves out in daring, intense, and genre-spanning sets: from ambient to electro and from acid to dub-techno…

His unique style of music has found homes at popular recording labels like Circular Limited & Norite with his latest example being the excellent Geisslerlieder EP. Recently, Mown has published a Memoir host by Hypnus.

Today, Mown presents us 10 of his favorite tracks, that has been a great source of inspiration since the first time he has listened to them :

  1. Simone Bauer – Driade [Sure Thing]

2. Illuvia – Milla (Primal Code Remix) [Hypnus]

3. Polygonia – Golden Tears [Lowless]

4. Ruhig – Lost In The Instability [Midgar]

5. Conforce – Zero Five Eight [Transcendent]

6. The Haxan Cloak – Excavation part 1 [Tri Angle]

7. Klara Vedis – The Circle Is Never Round [Charybdis]

8. Mønic – Viscous [Osiris Music UK]

9. Eszaid – SECNA WÄVE [Collapsing Market]

10. Slam – Alaska [Soma]

Bonus Track : 
Lena Raine – Golden [Ship To Shore Phonograph Co.]