We are excited to release our next recording from Anecumene online festival this time by Pijãr – a DJ and electronic music enthusiast from Lithuania, currently based in Northern Norway. Together with like-minded, music – loving people support the movement of the underground electronic scene through various projects in Europe, such as Monument, Tamsioji Pusė and the DJ collective Behind The River.

Fall. The Intro is breathing like cool, pure nature. Meticulous mastery arouses interest as if it was the cover of a book that allows you to feel the essence of the story but at the same time does not reveal the further motive. We feel the taste, the smell, we know the structure, but we still don’t know what dish it is. Layer after layer, the texture of ambient music, inspired by wildlife begins to penetrate us. 

Winter. In the unexplored distances, there are the deepest lakes, which absorb the cosmic atmosphere. Next to them stand the highest, planetless mountains. Cold, polar wind with its rhythm-filled paths, engages us in the search for mesmerizing techno in nature that is untouched by humans.

The accelerating tribal motives, inspired by the beauty of the northern lights, gradually bring out the main essence of the story. The selection is enriched by seamless harmony, which travels with us throughout the story. 

Spring. Rich bass correlates perfectly with the surprises that lay in the cheerful second half of the mix. All our attention is focused on music, to the consistent story that was born in Pijãr’s mind. We open the last pages with slow fingertip movements. 

Summer. The melodic and energetic end of the story reveals to us where the thesis of the whole selection lies. Music is the story of everything, music is a moment music is everywhere and always.

Credits to  Paulius Matulionis and Edvinas Marinskas.

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