Enter Sam KDCโ€™s abyss from his liveset on Anecumene. Through his signature sound, listeners are pulled deep into a void, experiencing dark textures and encompassing atmospheres. With build-ups that elevate senses, and break-downs that cause an intoxicating euphoria, Sam KDC shapes a journey without boundary.

Samuel Wood, also known by his moniker Sam KDC, is a british artist who has been releasing music since 2009 mainly on ASCโ€™s Auxiliary, Samurai, and Horo labels. In recent years, Sam has been an integral part of the Grey Area label and sound, a creative musical pathway that unites 85 bpm with 128 bpm. Over the years, Sam KDC has shaped a defining and ground-breaking sound. Pulling from left-field influenced techno, often time using crafty polyrhythms, occult elements and enforcing dense soundscapes sets his productions and sets apart.