With great excitement, Monument welcomes Aleja Sanchez to perform for MNMT 287. A distinct and powerful techno artist originating from Bogota, Colombia, Aleja Sanchez is widely seen through her unique aesthetic and diverse sound. Her foundation can be seen as cinematic, oftentimes involving organic or natural elements, creating an oasis for listeners to meditate through. While not being limited to tranquillity, Aleja Sanchez also pushes harder-hitting and mental sound designs – drawing the audience into a cave of unpredictable frequencies.

From selective taste, Aleja Sanchez created Northallsen Records, an outlet for herself and like-minded artists to experiment with forward-thinking and modern elements. Over the years, Northallsen has become a launch point, drawing listeners to discover up-and-coming artists as well as already well-established ones such as Dino Sabatini, The Alchemical Theory and  Von Grall. After reaching 5 years of iconic sound, Northallsen is pleased to celebrate by releasing a major vinyl release including various artists over the coming months. In addition, Aleja Sanchez will also release an album on her own imprint and an additional collaboration with Reggy Van Oers is expected in 2021. Without further ado, Aleja Sanchez invites us into her tranquil oasis and darker cave of mental designs for an unforgettable podcast. Enjoy!