We are more than ecstatic to release this recording of the remarkable Georgian hypnotist: Irakli. He is known for his abstract sonic landscapes which formulate deep emotional concepts of Ambience and Techno. His event series “Staub” has been operating in Berlin since 2013. Historically, it’s operated behind a shroud of anonymity – this means that the artists and line ups are never revealed to the public. Also In 2017, he created the label Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound which features other Hypnotic & Avant Guard styles of artistry. This Hypnotic affair has all of the qualifications to be considered the soundtrack of your life – That is if you’re ready to commit to the journey.

Recorded at Ambientgarden, a series of events he organized at About Blank’s Garten in the early fall of 2020, Irakli took listeners on a trip around his world showcasing his classical musicianship intertwined with atmospheric environments. Along with his performance, Dasha Rush and The Princess of Death were also a part of the lineup. This is definitely an artistic performance that requires all senses to be open and ready.

Photo Credit : Rob Kulisek


Ambient Garden Cover