For this episode of our MMNT Tracklisting, we are more than thrilled to welcome a headfigure of hypnotic techno: Ness.

Dj and producer born and raised in Sardinia, Ness always delivers a wide range of explorations: from deep hypnotic techno to ambient soundscapes. He experienced being a label manager by the years through partnership with Mono Records and The Gods Planet. In 2018, he established his spin-off project label Ness Reworks.

Today, he is presenting to us his 10 favorite tracks released on Sandwell District, a label which had a huge influence on him.

Sandwell District is a record label and collective of techno DJs and producers created by Regis and Female that operated between 2002 and 2011. From 2005 onwards, Function and Silent Servant joined Sandwell District. Initially releasing records under their own identities, as the label’s success grew, it came to be seen more and more as a collective entity, releasing tracks and albums anonymously as a reaction and revolt against the increasingly celebrity-oriented DJ culture.

  1. CH-Signal Laboratories (8003 Lucerne) – Scale 1

2. Female – Untitled (Regis edit)

3. Function – Disaffected

4. Function – Variance (CH-Signal Laboratories Edit)

5. Kalon – Man Is The Superior Animal (Function Edit)

6. N/A – Variance III (Marcel Dettmann edit)

7. Rrose – Shepherd’s Brine

8. Sandwell District – Grey Cut Out

9. Silent Servant – Untitled (Regis Edit) (Sandwell District Sampler One)

10. Silent Servant – Untitled (Sandwell District Sampler Two)