“The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand.” – Robert Vallet

Artist: Daniel[i]

Release: IIeus

Label: Lowless

Release Date: 6 December 2020

Mother Nature has a funny way of communicating with the living creatures of this Earth. She formulates a language using space, temperature, and time – while completely disregarding the use of linguistic forms. The truth is, words are absolutely and utterly stifling. How can you explain a feeling using verbal language, or better yet, how can you transfer different emotions from one place to another.

This power derived from the transfer of emotional data can be found when you rock your newborn to sleep at night, or when you stare deeply into your lover’s eyes every morning, or even when you imprint on a pet before you decide to bring it home for the first time. With all of this in mind, come take a walk with me as I break down Daniel[i]’s “IIeus” EP released on Lowless. He is an expert on portraying the importance of an emotional non-verbal language within his music.

If you consider yourself a fan of Hypnotic music, then you know exactly who Daniel[i] is. With his swirling percussion and emotional atmospheres, his music consistently sounds like it has been touched by the gentle hands of Mother Nature herself. His newest work of art “IIeus” tells a story that is perceived differently by all, but still hovers around the fellow feeling of Love and Fate. The 4-track EP will bring you to a place of congeniality. It is nostalgic in all of the right places, but the story will ultimately lead you to your greatest personal desires – Your greatest inspirations.

Among these hard times we are forced to dig deep down within ourselves and rekindle that fire that has once taken refuge within our hearts. The big question is, how do you find the power to fuel that fire.. Do you find this inspiration from another human? Or from the workings of Mother Nature? Within this EP, Daniel[i] forces us to dig deep into our memories and find those blessings that have once made our hearts scream with joy. Access that power by remembering how special those times were with the magnificent people we have in our lives, or by putting yourself in those angelic moments where you feel completely at peace with yourself.

Go and find that Congenial Inspiration, wherever that may be.