For this week’s episode of the MNMT Tracklisting, we are delighted to welcome Yuka.
DJ and producer from Russia, based in India, she has released on various great labels, including Fullpanda, Silent Season, Semantica, Kabalion, and Ovunqve.
Today, she presents us her 10 favorite tracks ever selected among a long list of records.

  1. Edward Artemiev – Train (A.Tarkovsky “Stalker”)

2. The Threshold HouseBoys Choir – Form Grows Rampant. part4 : “So free it knows no end” (Threshold House)

3. Donato Dozzy – Vaporware 07 (Spectrum Spools)

4. PanSonic – Johdin (Blast First)

5. Stanislav Tolkachev – Blue Mood (Funque Droppings [2006], Aftertaste [2010], Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound [2018])

6. Muslimgauze – Mullah said (Staalplaat)

7. Anastenaria – Anastenaria [Vatican Shadow version] (Kemal)

8. Dino Sabatini – Step 4 (Sonic Groove)

9. Andrei Oid – Silence of the lamps (Fullpanda)

10. Versalife – Solenoids of Insomnia (Clone West Coast Series)