With little introduction needed, but profoundly stated – Reeko, a staple of Spain’s finest techno personalities is welcomed to MNMT 280 with a special ambient mix.

For years, Juan Rico has released dance-floor favorites, often inducing listeners into a mesmerizing state from the depths of dark tones, curious rhythms, and masterful craft.  An extensive portfolio on some of techno curator’s favorite labels, Reeko has been at the front of intimate platforms such as Mental Disorder, Semantica, Pole Group, and Avian. Sharing a sound that never stops developing to accommodate any flavor of interest, his most recent podcast on MNMT is a strong testament. 

On MNMT 280, Reeko offers us a peek inside his new experimental album “Dualidad” out 27.11 on his own label Mental Disorder. Strong with heavy atmospheres, drone undertones, and evolving sounds, this journey feeds our senses – one listen will lead an audience to a deep state of paralysis. At times, the clouds open up to reveal divinity before dragging the listener deeper into the darker abyss. Hang on for the experience, as Reeko will take you into his world for a genesis of a new era.