Feber aka Umer Ahmad has been an important member within the MNMT Team ever since he joined in 2017. As our Creative Director, he completely redesigned the Visual Identity of MNMT to the visual identity we identify MNMT with now. As Feber, his DJing alias, he dives into face-melting, hypnotic territories, with a healthy dose of acid.

We are thrilled to finally share the recording of his set at the Forest Rave, held outside of Oslo, which was one of the highlights of the event. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Umer and his brother had to fill in for the headlining DJ slot, where they each took control of the DJ booth for 1-hour. They both exhibited their talent for DJing, being able to create a special vibe in such short notice and we are excited to share one of the sets with you today. Enjoy.