Joaquin Ruiz is an Argentinian producer who has released on labels such as Blackrod, Affekt & Hardtools. The Buenos Aires based producer released his debut album, Voices Of Space, on PLOINK at the end of August. We spoke to Ruiz about ten tracks which inspired Voices Of Space.

Merino – Intuición [SEMANTICA 110]

Great Colombian artist who has all my respect, this material edited in Semantica is one of my favourites. 12 tracks that take us on a unique sound journey.

Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening – Victory Over The Sun SEMANTICA 113

I really got into them by watching the SEMANTICA Soundcloud, when listening to the LP, I decided to aim a little more at the experimental, leaving the physical aside a little and taking us to frequencies that make us connect.

Divide – Planetarium LP WU58d

One of the artists that captivated me with its authenticity, this LP on WU is the clear example of this. We find completely real tracks full of feelings.

Oscar Mulero – Ataraxia SEMANTICA70LP

A teacher with all the letters, a while ago I had the opportunity to meet him and he transmits a lot of wisdom. One of his phrases was, “Keep always the fight go ahead with your music”. These words may seem very simple but they have had a great impact on me.

Jonas Kopp – Photo Belt TRESOR293

He is one of my first influences, an Argentine with enormous talent and a versatility that few artists achieve. His style made me understand that we have to be open to trying new musical horizons such as ambient or experimental.

DJ Surgeles – The Betty Hill Case LP Axis Records

His very particular style made me pay attention to his name and I discovered an artist with all the lyrics, within my tracks very few times I am encouraged to use conversations or voices. He has implemented it several times, this was what led me to try to incorporate some voices as in the track Altered System from my LP on Ploink.

Eric Fetcher – Human Generator EP GLTD001

This vinyl has been given to me by Eric himself, he is also an excellent colleague, the style of this EP is my favourite. Subtlety, quality accompanied by intense rhythms, perfect combination for me.

Translate – Beyond Universes SUBSIST.75D

Translate is a friend, we are both from the west of Buenos Aires. This LP I chose it because it is a test of how one can demand and transmit unique sensations through sound.

Antigone – Rising TOKEN88LP

Antigone is a very versatile artist who has caught my attention many times, this LP in particular. I think it shows his greatest musical opening, which is why he enters the top 10.

Ø [Phase] – Frames of Reference TOKEN88LP

This album is already a few years old, but from the first time I heard it, it transported me to another space, since then it is one of my favourites. 100% quality.

Voices In Space is available in full via Joaquin Ruiz’s Soundcloud.