Cisco Ferreira as The Advent has been a purveyor of the darker side of techno for almost 30 years, both solo and as a duo with Colin McBean, better known as Mr. G. He returns to Klockworks for its 30th release with a collection of previously unreleased live recordings. Although the label is more known for a minimal Berlin sound, which was also shown on its last The Advent release, Klockworks 22, Klockworks 30 is 15 minutes of hard techno bordering on schranz in its intensity.

The three tracks on the EP follow a similar mold, consisting of heavy kicks and a burbling two-note bass line over which driving percussive patterns dart in and out. The effect is hypnotizing, where it’s hard to say if a track has lasted 4 minutes or 40. True State adds a panning, heavily filtered synth that adds to the disorientation while Foothold takes a more confrontational approach with skipping kicks and hats straight out of a hardcore track. Out of the 3 tracks on the release, Human Form is the most structured, even having a miniature breakdown in the middle where a few seconds of silence seem to stretch for eternity before the pummeling resumes.

It’s refreshing to see a release this fun come out of a scene that is often accused of taking itself far too seriously. A straight-forward throwback to a sound that is having a resurgence in popularity in recent times, one can only hope The Advent has more recordings of this sort up his sleeve.

Preview Klockworks 30 on Soundcloud below: