Daniel[i] has been immersing himself in recent times as a talented producer, with a style of techno that blends atmospheric sounds with deep, danceable yet meditative grooves. He himself explains what the project stands for as: ”Daniel[i] represents two aspects of my music production: a repetitive side and a meditative side. I want to mix both concepts as they are really close to each other. Giving it a kind of third sense, the hypnotic part is nothing else than the result of a natural symbiosis.” You might have come across one of his productions on MNMT, as his track Silent Leaves was featured on our premiere series. The German-based artist with Italian and Belgian roots has also started a label a few months called Whispering Signals, with the first EP carrying reworks by Wa Wu We, Feral and Illuvia.

Daniel[i]‘s mix for the MNMT Podcast consists of mostly his own material, including a few unreleased tracks. Tracklist can be found below. Enjoy.


  1. Daniel[i] – untitled / unreleased
  2. Daniel[i] – Prahi / Norite
  3. Daniel[i] – Hegrei / Norite
  4. Daniel[i] – Tryra / Norite
  5. Alan Backdrop – Ecor (Daniel[i] Whisp) / free download
  6. Daniel[i] & Purl – Tesseract V / Pyramid Blood / unreleased
  7. Saebius – Water Memories (Daniel[i] Purple Dub) / Lowless
  8. Daniel[i] – Ileus 01 / Lowless / unreleased
  9. Daniel[i] – Ileus 04 / Lowless / unreleased
  10. Daniel[i] – Opunt 02 / white label
  11. Daniel[i] – Jalada (Origine) / whispering signals