Salva Coromina, also known as mouseDown, has been active as a dj in the Barcelona scene since the late 90’s, as a club resident in The Loft, and a regular at Sonar as well for many years. The Spanish artist has always been exploring the deepest side of electronic music during recent years, with performances at one of the festivals most synonymous for deep techno in Europe: Parallel. He has also been organising events with F-on under the name of NAIMA, which focuses on outstanding electronic music through vinyl-only sets or live analog performances.

We are thrilled to share a special 2-hour mix by Salva for episode 259 of the MNMT podcast, which exemplifies his capabilities in creating a narrative through enticing, hypnotic sounds. Enjoy.


1. Wata Igarashi – Cocytus
2. Koraal-La Casa del volcan
3. Natural/electronic.system – Scirocco
4. Bas Dobbalaer / VAND – Gateway To Gaia
5. Vera Logdanidi – Vplanet
6. Edit Select – Habitual #3
7. Ness – Transferencia
8. Massa – Terra
10. Joachim Spieth – Chalcedony
11. Luigi Tozzi – Raiders
12. Plants Army Revolver – Borneo Memories
13. Massa – Binocular Disparity
14. Foreign Material – Of Flesh And Duty (A Sacred Geometry Remix)
15. Luigi Tozzi – Automa
16. Edit Select – the ripple effect 2
17. Repart – Enigmas (Massa Remix)
18. Seraphim Rytm ‎– Mount Sinai
19. Desroi – Niab
20. Morphing Territories – Paranoid Ghost
21. Prism / Aimless (Ben Buitendijk’s Natura Remix)
22. Wata Igarashi – Cocytus (r2π Remix)
23. Rrose – Dissolve