Valian Kollektiv, the Berlin based AV collective, have made a compilation in aid of people affected by Covid 19. Their statement on the release is as follows:

‘We’re experiencing an unparalleled humanitarian, sanitary and political catastrophe. In face of the global Corona-Pandemic we need to act solidly united more than ever and support those who are particularly affected. Those are the elderly, poor, homeless, immunocompromised people and moreover the refugees and displaced people at the European borders. For how long can a person bear the inhumane conditions at the EU-borders?

The circumstances in the camps on the Greek islands have been worsening for years. People seeking protection on the Greek islands and at the borders are exposed to heavy violence and systematic discrimination. Greece and the EU have in fact abolished basic human rights and the right for asylum in the past weeks. Refugees are being fired at, the conditions in camps like Moria are purposely kept inhumanely because the EU aims to deter those seeking shelter. Lawlessness is dominating where solidarity and humanity are needed the most. The situation in the overcrowded camps is disastrous and it lacks everything from medical aid to basic sanitary needs. The people are defencelessly exposed to the pandemic as they are trapped and isolated on the islands. Protective measures which are being carried out on the European mainland are simply impossible to be employed in the camps. In Moria, water is becoming rare and is distributed in dangerously low rations – immediate support is required now.

Based on the statement by the NGO Seebrücke, Valian collective has decided to publish a Soli-compilation as quick as possible. The compilation will be divided into 3 EPs which will be released on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday of the coming week. A variety of artists – 16 in total – from many different genres of electronic music will be on the release, contributing to the project. We are aware that this is only a drop in the bucket in times like these. However, any form of solidarity is needed at the moment . You can get the EPs at Bandcamp and all the money made from this will directly be donated to the NGO “Mission Lifeline“.