What do Psalms mean? The word is derived from the Greek translation „psalmoi“ and means a sacred song or poem. From a religious perspective, psalms also can be referred as one of the hymns from the Old Testament Book of Psalms. We don’t know if Glós is a religious person but we do know his taste and passion for making sacred songs with deep storytelling and emotions. Two years ago the Polish and Berlin-based artist gained our attention with his productions and was listed as one of the emerging techno producers in Germany. It all began in 2013 with his release on Ressort Imprint. Since then Glós had the following releases on Ravage, Intimate Silence, Flyance Records and Unknown and he also started his own label Non-Print, where he explores music outside of the usual club context. Now he is returning to Escapism with his newest release Psalms.

The first track of the EP is Psalm (A Handbook That Becomes A Poem) and starts very subtle and gives a glimpse of the dark handwriting. The intro is followed by an energetic kick, accompanied by sparsely used vocal loops and leads to a mysterious atmosphere.

Psalm (Lo Fi Glamour) on the other hand don’t hesitate with a smooth intro and throws the listener right into powerful madness. You can sense a unique sound picture, created by a combination of hi-hats, melodic pads, and vocal elements. Compared to the first track, Psalm (Lo Fi Glamour)‘s is not lesser mysterious but also has a tribal vibe to get hypnotized.

Psalm (The Sky As A Mirror) is the last piece of the EP and has the longest duration with 12 minutes. The piece takes his time and starts very slowly. Listen to the track you can feel how the slow build-up prepares you for an emotional ride. A very subtle bassline keeps us on track and has a powerful impact. But the track also manages to jump gently between phases of power and calm moments of floating. Spheric vocals and beautiful melodies accompany us through the journey and finish with a mesmerizing outro. 

All in all, Psalms is a beautifully and emotional production and a beautiful way to tell a story. The title fits the concept of the EP, which is a small collection of sacred songs and poems in the form of music. Glós sums up his qualities as a lover for pushing techno with an emotional touch. Comparing to Prayers, his newest release has some similarities to his first production on Escapism. So there is the possibility of disappointment if you expected something really fresh and new from the polish artist. But in the end, it depends on the point of view of each listener. For me, Psalmsmanage to differ from Prayerswith an own signature. Considering the fact, that Glos knows how to tell a story and create emotions, these tracks can be seen as small little stories he would like to tell us and that is a great gift for all of us.