Stunning ambient soundscapes in our latest edition of the MNMT Label Showcase series by Glacial Movements. Glacial Movements is an Italian record label founded and curated by Alessandro Teseschi aka Netherworld, which specialises in ambient and electronic soundscapes.

Tracks selected by Netherworld and mixed by Andrea Benedetti

The concept of the label is based around icy landscapes; the mythological significance of the Poles and the slow, the boreal dawn that shines upon white valleys in the Great Northern lands and elegant movements of the Northern lights. The label explores the lost relationship between humanity and nature, the mother of all life forms on Earth. It looks to restore the primordial unity between man and nature.

The artists on the labels roster consists of: Scanner, bvdub, Lull, Murcof, Netherworld, Rapoon, Paul Schütze, Loscil,, Eraldo Bernocchi, Justin K Broadrick, Philippe Petit, Yair Elazar Glotman, Machinefabriek and many more.


Machinefabriek ” Stillness #6 (Lemaire Channel, Antarctica) ” from Stillness Soundtracks II
Murcof ” Chapitre N ” from ” Lost in Time “
Frame ” Venus ” from ” The Journey “
bvdub & Loscil ” Moirai ” from ” Erebus “
Netherworld ” Polo Nord dell’inaccessibilit‡ ” from ” Alchemy of Ice “
Yair Elazar Glotman ” Home Port ” from ” Northern Gulfs “
Murcof ” Chapitre V ” from ” Lost in Time “
Scanner ” The Scar ” from ” The Great Crater “
Pjusk ” Kram ” From ” Tele “
Eraldo Bernocchi & Netherworld ” Himuro ” from ” Himuro “
Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist ” Dome F 77.19∞ S 39.42∞ E 3810m ” from ” Wandering Eye “
Netherworld ” Orcinus Orca ” from ” Algida Bellezza “