“Beneath every golden path lies a series of hapless occurrences, occurrences is only obtained through extraordinary efforts and perseverance.” – Widow

Artist: Glós

Release: Music For The Morning After

Label: Non-Print

Release Date: 20 December 2019

Everything that has a beginning will eventually end. When it’s all said and done, what do you have to show for yourself. What did you learn during your periods of defeat, are we inadequate? Are we powerful beyond limited measure? Maybe you’ve come to terms of the reality associated with mortality? Let’s ponder over these questions while be serenaded by Glós’s fourth studio album: “Music For The Morning After

Life is truly strange, at the snap of a finger – everything can change. This means that the concept of “change” is intertwined with the postulation of life. Because of this, change is considered a desultory subject, and it will manifest either by force or by acceptance. Life = Change + Acceptance: That is the equation to the brillant tone of this wonderful creation.

Of course you already have a firm understanding of the highly articulate nature of Glós’ artistry, especially after the (very) recent release of his prior album “Music For Sleepovers” a month ago. The Non-Print label owner has outdone himself again with this wonderful addition to his impressive resume. Now to get started, stop for a second and think about the positive changes in your life throughout the year:

Think about all of the joyous moments you’ve lifted your arms in triumph without a care in the world, all of the wonderful surprises gifted to you during the most unusual times, remember and appreciate those moments where you overcame adversity and accomplished an impossible goal. These experiences are still fresh in you mind isn’t it. Those personal moments have emitted a feeling that you will remember forever. Within those periods of time – you’ve experienced pure bliss, your body mind and soul were truly freed from all apprehension. Now hold that thought and let’s look at your trials and tribulations during the last decade:

During this decade, you’ve experienced some soul crippling hours: Maybe you’ve experienced a major loss in your family or in your group of friends, maybe you’ve been confronted by addiction or depression/anxiety, or maybe you’ve been tied up with financial difficulties and have been struggling to make ends meet. All of these moments have left you scarred in some way no? Maybe you’re still battling these issues today. Rock bottom is a place filled with anger, guilt, misery, and sorrow. Sometimes we are left drowning in a pool of our own blood sweat and tears; crying and wailing in agony like a little boy experiencing pain for the first time, or a teenager getting over their first heartbreak. The rough surface of the floor is an area often visited, but it is also a place of a great knowledge and wisdom.

What have you learned from your failures during these last ten years, have your experiences humanized your perspective of life and challenged you ego? Let’s look at the big picture: Obviously you are here now; dizzy but still conscious, weary but still mobile, battered but still fighting.. You are who you are today because of the mysterious teachings conducted by your personal failures. Only YOU have the power to overcome adversity, nobody else can break you. Why? Because you have nothing to lose. YOU have defeated all of your demons, and now all of those abominable experiences are nothing more than a distant memory. That memory is currently buried away under an enfeebled tombstone left to rot in the radiant gleam of the daylight.

NOW you are ready..

Through the pain of growth and change, you are prepared to take on this new chapter of life in the next decade. You now know to look up in the sky and breath easy, because all of your problems today will not even be a thought in the near future. Glós’ “Music For The Morning After” is one of those artistic masterpieces that needs to be studied and appreciated by all who have felt true pain. Remember that pain, learn from it, and let it drive you into the sunset. This album is a firm reminder to keep on keeping on – don’t you ever stop living your best life. Quitting is not an option because the darkness will in fact come, contrast will arrive at the worst of times. BUT the sun will always rise once again carrying new possibilities, new experiences, new paths to follow, and new doors to open.