We are thrilled to share a special recording from the new event series Calma hosted by F-on, as well as A_mal_ga_ma (Diskoan & Josephine) and Vrika. The recording we are sharing is a 2-hour-set from another prominent figure within the deep techno community, from Spain; Refracted. Refracted is known for his non-compromising, immersive techno sets, but we are thrilled to share this to give an insight in his vision with regards to ambient music. 

CALMA is an events series dedicated to listening to electronic music in Madrid’s new cultural spot: ”Zapadores, ciudad del arte”. Focused in less conventional, more profound music, which requires special attention for a real and special listening experienced. Read more about the first Calma event here

Following the success of September’s first edition, CALMA is back on this weekend, Saturday, December 14th. A plural line up focussed in less conventional electronics with an horizontal vocation gather the live shows of José Luis Maire and Javier Marimon, and the dj-sets from F-on, Diskoan, Nono, Joachim Spieth and Urtzi.

Listening Electronics at Zapadores
Saturday, December 14th from 12 to 23h

Line up:
José Luis Maire – Live
Javier Marimón – Live
Joachim Spieth – Special Ambient Set

Read more about the forthcoming event