Why is the cousin of death a common visitor to all who walk this Earth..

Artist: Glós

Release: Music For Sleepovers

Label: Non-Print

Release date: 13 November 2019

Imagine living in a vessel that doesn’t need sleep in order to live a long and healthy life..

Winter is coming, Mother Nature is experiencing her natural cycle of death. You see, this is simply a part of life; as the leaves fall and the air goes thin, this generation of vegetation slowly drifts off into a state of silence. What does this teach us, that death is a destination for the living? Should it be embraced rather than feared? All of these emotional thoughts and wonders are prevalent within Music For Sleepovers; a conceptual album written by Glós in Berlin, Germany, and released on his own label Non-Print. This is his second studio album following Fem released last year around the same time.

What makes Music for Sleepovers so wonderful is it’s smooth rolling textures. They resemble slow breathing or a steady heart beat, placing the listener in a constant state of trance. Those hypnotic elements are then accompanied by higher frequencies that resemble water, which completely sets an overall tone for the entire project.

Being in the presence of water will always have a meaningful effect on us. Water is the life force of humanity, but at the same time it is unforgivable – Almost like the concept of Love vs. Loss.

Dr. Steven C. Hayes , a professor in the Behavior Analysis program at  the University of Nevada published an interesting article last year that explains this concept: “The pain of loss is unavoidable, yet millions harm themselves trying to escape it. But loss has a sweet side, and when you open yourself to the pain, you open yourself to joy.”

Everything that has a beginning has an end; everything that is born will eventually cease to exist.  Just like the four seasons, it’s a part of the great circle of life, how you react to this is up to you. Your potential reactions to the matter are synchronized with your emotion ammunition. When is the last time you’ve heard a piece of music that has the ability to heal as well as the ability to destroy.

Glos’ level of detail within these recordings will temporarily turn an apathetic individual into an empathic mess. Rolling waves of your emotional bliss will be in tangent will all the things that have caused you great disdain. The subtle contrast of passion and regret will meet in the middle of a land steaming with your greatest  desires – and all of these forms of confrontation will either mean the absolute world to you, or mean nothing at all. This artistic level of non verbal expression is considered genius. 

Ultimately the six recordings of Glos’ “Music For Sleepovers” will transport you to a realm you may not understand. Embrace this feeling, study it, and learn from it. As we get into the dark days of Winter, lets acknowledge our feelings and emotions. A new age is coming; what would you like to accomplish within in the upcoming decade. What have you learned while floating through this dream in the third dimension? Close your eyes and listen to this masterpiece, then go take on the world.