Hybrasil is a live artist & sound engineer from Dublin, Ireland. He first learned his craft working on NEVE consoles at Temple Lane, Dublin. After moving to Berlin, Hybrasil was signed to Radio Slave‘s label, Rekids, and debuted with Arfa EP. Since then, he has released a series of 12″ on his own self-titled label. His debut album ‘Embers‘ is released on Rekids on November 15th. You can listen to the album previews below.

We spoke to Hybrasil about moving from Dublin to Berlin, and about his favourite record store, Hardwax. “For me, one of the big attractions of living in Berlin was being able to go to Hardwax regularly. Even though I primarily play live, I still try to make it down there at least every two weeks. They have an extensive back catalogue from US and European labels, so you can dig right back. If you like collecting records, there’s a lot to choose from. This is a selection from what I’ve picked up there. Some old, some new and not ranked in any particular order.”

Lucy – Dyscamupia – Stroboscopic Artefacts

I think this record is my track of the year. Listening to this in the shop was one of those moments where the needle drops and you sit there in absolute stillness until you hear that crackle of silence at the end. An utterly demented piece of music, a true masterpiece.

Benales – Scale – Key Vinyl

This track is from French artist Benjamin Morales aka Benales. It’s the first 12” I’ve picked up from Key Vinyl but for sure it won’t be the last. Looking forward to hearing more stuff from them.

Tensal – Cause 1 – PoleGroup

I’m a huge fan of PoleGroup, since my early days of doing radio back in Ireland I always played all of their stuff. This is from the debut EP of Tensal on PoleGroup back in August 2016. It’s an outstanding EP, it was hard to pick a favorite track.

Terence Fixmer – Melting Planets – Ostgut Ton

I pick up pretty much everything Terence Fixmer puts out. Originally released in 2017, this record, like a lot of Terence’s work, is timeless. It’s been sitting on the turntable in my studio for the past 3 weeks. I might put it on in between mix downs or if I am getting up to make tea. I’ve been listening to it a lot.

Border One – Abyssal – Border One Records

This is from Belgian producer Border One and it’s the first release on his label Border One Records. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more material from this guy, quality stuff. 

Robert Hood – Power to Prophet – M-Plant

Since the relaunch of M-Plant in 2009, their output has been nothing short of incredible. ‘Power to Prophet’ was originally released in 2010 and for me, it’s one of my favorite Robert Hood releases. I also love the B-Side ‘Clash,’ a nod to Chicago minimal artists such as Steve Poindexter.

Roog Unit – Mesh – Mote Evolver

This is an incredible record by Roog Unit (Luke Slater & Ashley Burchett), it was originally released in June 2017. Mote Evolver is another label where I collect pretty much all of their releases. This is one of my favorites.

Jeff Mills – Gateway of Zen – Axis Records

‘Gateway of Zen’ is from Chapter 4 of the Directors Cut Reissue Series on Axis Records. This edition of the series features audio commentary from Jeff Mills on each track. This one in particular stood out for me as it features Jeff playing live percussion (conga and shaker) and its sonically incredible. I pick up everything that lands in Hardwax from Axis, this is one of my recent favorites.

Ben Klock – Steady Plus – Klockworks

I have pretty much everything from Klockworks. ‘Steady Plus’ is one of my favorite Ben Klock records, originally released in 2008. Timeless.

Mental Resonance – Resonant Object – PoleGroup

The second to feature from PoleGroup but I couldn’t resist including this track from Mental Resonance. Originally released in 2015, it’s spectacular.