They say that music is the ultimate source of truth available to us in this ridged dimension we like to call reality..

It focuses on multiple forms of healing, these forms may develop either hopeful dreams embedded within thick emissions of nostalgia – Or destructive nightmares portrayed through a celluloid camera lens. Either way, it’s power can only be determined by it’s creator.

This creative individual however has a tendency to bend the rules of reality, using her music as a compass as well as a tool for perseverance. For example, in her independently released recording: “Prayers to Eywa” our hero: “Fjäder” focuses on the succulent power of her voice to create a ritualistic melody, as the mighty organism of her tonal surrounding breaths in conjunction with the pacing of her vocal chords. Echoes of the same organism can be heard and felt in her “Vegvísir” production, which also showcases her ever so calculated work ethic regarding her skills and knowledge in percussion.

You see, Fjäder is a true artist, a visionary who eats, sleeps, and dreams musical landscapes that carry minds of their own – Forever changing and evolving with limitless potential. Her work is sexy, beautiful, enticing, engaging, alive, intruding, profound, and very deeply in love with life. Let’s explore the magnificent mind of Fjäder, hailing from Glava, Värmland in Sweden.

1. What is your favorite time of the year, and how does it influence your creativity.

My favorite time of the year is actually November. I feel very deeply connected to the vibration of this month. The darkness urges me to move inwards and explore unknown territories that I have been unable to reach in the haze of the summer. I feel it brings forth some deeper levels of my inner imagination and visions.

2. What gear do you use to produce, and what is your process for music making: Do you start developing the atmosphere firstly by experimenting with pads and various instances of sound design with mid to high range tonality? Or do you focus on the lower tones to set the feeling and the mood.

I have been investing in a few stuff, and I have also sold a lot of stuff to clear out old energy to bring in a total transformation with my art and music. Right now I use first of all my voice, Blue Sky from Strymon, Moog Grandmother, MS 20 Mini, my computer to make beats and production, and my Singing Bowls.

I often use field recordings that I feel is connected to the dream-states I enter when I make music. My latest add is to play electric guitar, very important stage for me to reach. I am very new but I totally love it.
Just this weekend (Saturday 9th November) I created my first track for my new upcoming album that will range and play with Heavy Metal and Gothic Doom music.

I started to create some sounds with the Moog Grandmother, and then it grew into beats and then I added my voice like a reverb drenched pad upon it – but my process always differs. I like it best when I kind of “lose my ego” and rational thinking and just flow. This track ended up in a lot of heavy bass and I feel like thats the place where I usually land. It`s not something I try to do. It just happens when I tune in because that is simply my vibrations at the moment.

3. It’s not easy to make music with a lengthy duration of time. In order for me to appreciate my own music, I need to practice activities that’ll create “echos” of my own consciousness to suppress the voices within. In other words, my mind needs to leave home and spend some time outside of the “box” in order to truly appreciate what I have created inside of it. What actions do you practice in order to study your creations from different perspectives, and how have these actions helped you in other areas of your life.

I must say that I’ve been seriously practicing some deep levels of purification within my soul lately that ranges from rituals, yoga, exercise, nutrition and contemplation – that helped me reach a new state of awareness within reality. With those manifestations, I finally started to make a dream come true. To learn to play guitar, both acoustic but mostly electric.

This practice has led me deeper and closer to what I want to express in music. So yes the music that comes out now is totally different from before and I even created new alias to it.Within my music lays a lot of occult knowledge blended with my own alchemy process of this. I transform the “dark” to seek the light. I connect to different timelines throughout time and space to heal whatever there is to be healed within me and our collective awareness. My music is to me, a healing process – very naked and honest.

Right now I also practice to become a much better singer and to clear out whatever stopped me from my full expressions in the past, this is a very deep but rewarding process. Sometimes painful but always with love.
Life is a very challenging process with a lot of sorrow, grief, pain but also happiness, love, and compassion. Every expression I have is either anger or joy, my goal is to transform to be able to tune into love and compassion -always.

These practices have also lead me to more inner peace and better relationships with the people that I love, my family and friends. Since you have to truly look at who you are in creative processes, you get to know yourself on a much deeper level, and that truly helps in all areas of life. I think it made me a better person and more intelligent.

4. In regards to your own vocal exploration, do you have a background in singing? Also, at what point of your career did you start to use your own voice in your own productions.

Regarding my voice: my background comes form singing in a church in my tiny birthplace Glava, Värmland. I always loved when it got closer to November so I could finally be able to sing all the Lucia songs, I loved this so much. Very old school. Then I sang a lot of Folk music and Psalms in the choir.

Later on, I lost my path in puberty, but it came back to me 14 years ago and I started to open up my voice. I was so afraid that I was not good enough, but after a while you realize that you are always good enough, and when you accept whats been given to you, you finally sing from your heart. Most of the time what comes out at that point is pure magic. Most of the vocals you hear in my music are my own so you can say I started out a poet and singer, and then later on became a producer to be able to control my own outputs fully.

I am also a poet from childhood and I have written tons of poetry. My dream was actually to sing that poetry, and that is the reason that I started to learn to produce from the first time. I guess my poetic persona is very visible in my way to write Fairy-tails and stories within and about my music. Now I am getting closer to my dreams.