Artist: Simone Bauer

Release: Arcadia

Label: Sure Thing

Release date: September 19th 2019

As a wondering member of the human race, the most meaningful form of communication is the dialogue that takes place within our own minds:

Are you listening to yourself? Have you quenched your hunger for comprehension? What are you searching for..

Time & Space

The basis of musicianship encircles the act of decorating time and space. With this idea in mind, your results are only limited by your own personal style of creativity. Adding to this thought – your personal creative nature is determined by your experiences. The way we view the world ultimately commences the manifestation of our deepest darkest desires. As per individual, perception varies from person to person; Sometimes our perception is taken out of context, other times our perception is congruent with another being. That my friends is why life is both a mystery and a blessing.

Simon Bauer

Simone Bauer is a storyteller hailing from Terni, Italy. Being a lover and firm appreciator of all art forms, Simone receives his inspiration from the many voices of Mother Nature herself. As you can hear in his recordings, Simone appreciates life by understanding the many tonal and visual decorations of our sweet planet – He also doesn’t hesitate to study the power of silence as well. In his recent project titled the Arcadia EP released under the newly developed record label: Sure Thing in Boston; We’ve gained a solid understanding of his approach to decorating time and space.

1: Driade

Kicking off the journey within Arcadia, Simone presents a stellar atmosphere consisting of tribal percussion and colorful ambient tones. His incredible attention to detail is apparent as the mood starts to develop – Nothing is abrupt or invasive, but soothing. As the recording progresses, an elemental artifact invites itself into the picture; The calming sounds of birds and water slowly dance together in the distance creating a hypnosis effect for the listeners. This is an important aspect of the track, water is transparent and colorless – It is forever living, alive and merciful. Well, merciful yet unforgiving.. Elements are not to be undermined – They are a common structure necessary for survival.

While listening to this piece, close your eyes and envision yourself slowly walking into a clear shallow lake as the rays of the Sun slowly crawl around the crevices of your body. Submerge yourself in Mother Nature‘s aquatic creation, listen to her calling. A single Hummingbird can be seen in the distance singing calmly, but don’t think much of it right now. Your journey has begun.

2. Nereide

At this point of the EP, you should understand Simone’s sense of artistic direction as Driade’s endearing reservoir lingers behind to caress your heart for a few moments longer. The adventure is well under way, take it all in: Can you feel the Sun beaming on your skin? The rocks cooling your feet as the steady stream flows every so gently around your toes and ankles? The soft breeze advising the sun to control it’s warmth during this Fall afternoon?

As the tribal percussion pushes the track, subtle pads warm the sonic space as an Electric Piano whispers in your ear, beckoning you to pace yourself. Take it slow, enjoy the ultimate beauty around you. Take it one step at a time, you still have so much to learn! The Hummingbird attempts to harmonize with Nereide ever so gently adding to the pleasurable experience. You’re halfway there, don’t you dare look back.

3. Arcadia

The peak of this experience begins to latch itself onto you as Driade’s loving embrace slowly loses it’s grip. The tribal percussion comes in strong with a pattern emitting a personality that can only be described as indestructible. The residue of Nereide evolves into a lesson of forceful guidance with meditative intentions. It’s drums are carefully woven together with precision. All together, Arcadia carries itself like a dominate educator mentoring a submissive muse with lusty passion and vigor.

All aspects of this track grew into their own personalities throughout the entire journey. They all have formulated independent perceptions within themselves. Here is the lesson: Confidence is key! Consider this to be character development or maturity within instrumentation. Neither written nor spoken words can explain the feeling of your journey’s completion.

4. Arcadia (Refracted Remix)

At the end of the project, Refracted steps into the story to interpret Mother Natures calling. Ring the bells and hoist the Black flag! These drums carry a motion that’ll electrify the dampened ground you walk on. Refracted does an excellent job continuing the idea of instrumental maturity and character development with his own ceremoniously rhythmic progression. Major natural elements are apparent of course, but a mechanical undertone creeps it’s way into the party pushing the threshold.

The energy is edgy yet comfortable, chaotic yet approachable, consider this an offering to the natural world. All the while, amongst all of this organized chaos, the Hummingbird still sings calmly. Do you know why the caged bird sings?