Artist: Daniel[i]

Release: all you can hear_I [Lyra-8]

Label: Self-released

Release date: August 13 2019

Daniel[i] is a producer based in Aachen, Germany. He releases tools for producers who are looking for inspiration to use through his bandcamp. His latest release, all you can hear_I [Lyra​-​8], focuses on dark, ambient soundscapes. He produced the tracks on this release with the SOMA Lyra-8 Organismic Synthesizer and a Lexicon PCM90, and processed them through Ableton with the help of the Fabfilter Pro-Q.

The sounds on display here are top-quality, and would help any producer looking to make dark ambient music. The drone sounds on offer are gritty and raw while maintaining a cohesion of dark intensity. Daniel[i]’s preference for sound design can be heard through these drones, which demand attention as soon as they are heard.

all you can hear_I [Lyra​-​8] offers 15 drones, 2 crackles, 2 trumpets, 4 sweeps and 2 bass sounds. While these tracks may not make you a successful drone/ ambient producer, they may help inspire you to make the track that you have had in your mind for a while but haven’t been able to create. Definitely a useful collection of sounds for any aspiring producer.