The definition of “Human Nature” is the general psychological, characteristics, feelings, and behavioral traits of humankind, regarded as shared by all humans..

We are all intertwined – Vicariously living amongst each other. Each of us possess mental imperfections, contradictions, opinions, ideas, truths, and lies. Surrounding this facet of organized chaos are the many gifts of Mother Nature, these gifts are considered the silent jury of the world. Valerio Gomez de Ayala and Antonio Giova aka. natural/electronic.system. are two sensational storytellers who are proficient in the formal language of the silent jury. They are no strangers to this vastly miraculous expansion we label as the Techno scene. With releases on label “Tikita“, and many performances all across the world, we welcome:


1. You have been playing with each other for quite a while. Being a duo with a sound as concrete as your own, what are some hardships you’ve had to overcome in order to accomplish your goals?

We just had our sound aesthetically shaped throughout the years listening to many different genres of electronic music. As a hardship, for sure it could be difficult to find time to spend working on our project, but during these years we tried to do the best driven by our passion.

2. Your productions are the definition of the statement “Nature meets Technology” – That being said, do you gain inspiration from other people? Natural occurrences? Or a mixture of both?

Oh wow… maybe our name influenced you on this 🙂 For sure we feel very connected with nature. Respecting it is very important to us. Spending time traveling and exploring the beauties of our world is for sure something we gain inspiration from. Our music sometimes can express this connection sonically by trying to recreate “similar feelings/atmospheres” with sounds, but is not all about that. With our music, we really like to bring our listeners to many different places.

3. What is the music scene like in Italy: Was Techno a hot commodity when you first introduced your project? How has the scene changed over time?

In our city, Napoli, the musical scene in general was very florid. The techno scene was more of a movement made up of crews and enthusiasts who organized parties starting from the 90s and continued on the wave of what came from Europe and the USA. Some DJs of these parties became successful by gaining attention on the international scene. I think about Carola, Cerrone, Parisio, Vigorito and others. Few years later we absorbed that tradition for a while and then we moved elsewhere. There was not much interest for what we were doing at that time. These were the years the internet was starting to expand, and the clubs and local record stores were not the only ways you can have access to dance music. Nowadays Italy is full of talented electronic musicians but unfortunately many of them don’t have the exposition they deserve.

4. In regards to the 4 seasons: What season do you both feel most inspired?

Going out on a sunny day is better than staying in the studio… If u don’t have studio work to do of course… 🙂

5. Your music commences with light atmospherics associated with light percussion, it develops overtime in velocity and emotion. From a song-writing standpoint, do you spend more time on your atmospheres, or your percussion & basses?

They are both fundamental,  it depends mainly from the idea behind the track. Some elements can be created easily or you can spend more time on others, there’s not a fixed scheme.

6. I understand that you two are firmly loyal to the Tikita record label. How did you and Karim find each other?

Karim was an inspiring guy we had the opportunity to know through the web. Later we met and now we are very good friends, he is not just our label boss. His musical vision has many common points with ours, his background and the idea behind the label made this even more interesting – so we decided to join the Tikita project.

7. What is your favorite instrument and why?

We often use the Roland drum machines and a Juno 106, but the choice of the instrument is also something really connected with the idea of the track you want to make.

 8. Do you have any big performances coming up?

We just came back for this great festival in Portugal called Waking Life, this was a truly special experience… Amazing organization and audience in a beautiful location near a lake immersed in the nature. So good! We are really looking forward to take part to the Under The Desert Stars festival from Isotoop where also the label Tikita is involved, the event is on the last weekend of this next september. It’s a one time small festival in the desert of Morocco close to Marrakech with a beautiful lineup of techno and experimental music acts. It would be great to experience that music in such a beautiful setting, can’t wait to be there!

9. Out of all of your releases, which are your top favorites and why?

Actually we hope more that you guys like our releases, not us. We have a new EP on Tikita coming out in few months, we hope you will like that too.

Picture: Serena Salerno