Closing the night off as a DJ is no easy feat. The club is winding down, the dancers are tired after a full night of music and the next few hours will determine whether the night was a success or not. The DJ’s selection is as important here as it is during ‘peak’ dancefloor hours. Thankfully, Mary Yuzovskaya has shared ten of her favorite tracks from her closing sets with Monument. We hope that you enjoy these tracks as much as we here at Monument do.

On her track selection, Mary said “I love closing the parties more than anything. Since I purchased my first record many years ago, I dreamed of not just being a DJ, or a good DJ, or the best DJ, but I dreamt of becoming a perfect closer. Throughout the years I was lucky enough to close many parties across the globe and I would like to share with you some of my secret weapons. All ten records in this list aren’t new for a reason. I only included tracks that I had a chance to play at many raves, therefore test on different sound systems and crowds. The records you find below are the ones that did a phenomenal job on each rave I played them at. The artists are listed in alphabetical order as I cannot pick favourites.”

1. Acronym – Burgundy Robes – Stillaton 
Beautiful, dreamy, romantic and very trippy – I often play this record the very last to close out my set. (By the way, all three cuts on the EP are absolutely brilliant.)

2. Alderaan – Form  of Distraction – White Rose

So emotional, so moving, so engaging, this record makes every single person on the dance floor feel so many things at once. And therefore, connects everyone in the room big time. 

3. Claudio PRC – Segmento (Svreca / Blazej Malinowski Remix) – Semantica
I guess I’m stating the obvious here by listing this EP because who doesn’t obsess over this one and who doesn’t want to hear it in the late AM hours on a big sound system? Also, it can be played as the very last track of the set.

4. Kaelan – Radiate – Oblique
One of the challenges of a closing set is that while people are in a perfect state of mind to go on a trip they are, indeed, quite tired after what they survived through the night. This track really has both high energy and plenty of weirdness. While being very uplifting it’s still dark. Perfect. Btw, another record where every single cut, not just this one, is very strong. Get your copy – you won’t be disappointed. 

5. Ness – Informa Experiments Vol. 1 (Ness Version) – Informa
I’m crazy about Ness. I want to be Ness when I grow up. Ness is my production role model. Needless to say – his records play a very important role in my DJ sets and never leave my record bag. I picked this particular track for this list as I noticed that this record mixes in and out perfectly with practically everything (at least in my collection).
Sometimes when I need to give myself a moment to see where I want to go with my set I’ll play this track and it always does a fantastic job by keeping things moving yet giving me an ability to change the direction without any drastic “jump” in the mood. 

6. Patrick Siech – Astral Node – Parabel
What a record! So strong. Powerful and sad at the same time. One of my personal 2019 hits. Patrick Siech is one of my favourite producers at the moment and I never miss his releases. This track is not an exception. 

7. Reggy Van Oers –  Alternating Silence – Kontrafaktum 
Doesn’t this record make you feel like you are flying? Electricity is in the air. I think it’s one of my all time favorite tracks ever. It has it all and so much more.

8. Soramimi – Collapsed Gods – Monday Off
I like to start my closing sets with this record. If you decide not to mix in with the DJ that is playing before you, you can use its gorgeous two minute intro as a chapter one of your set. There’s a lot going on and it all sets a magical, dare I say mysterious vibe. This track is like a fairytale to me. 

9. Svarog – Arctic Lights – Affin LTD
Layered + heavy + complex + intense = amazing! Another sick thing about this record – it sounds equally great on good and horrible sound systems. Trust me, I got to find that out in real life and now I know that this EP will shine even out of the speakers that make everything sound like a muddy mess. 

10. Varg – No Knoweledge Of Sorrow Or Regret (Abdulla Rashim Remix) – Semantica
Few records harmonize with late AM hours like this one and for me personally this track is a definition of the word “beautiful”. Beautiful music, mesmerising sounds.

We’ve made a playlist of Mary’s 10 tracks on Youtube for your listening pleasure. You can check it out here.