Ever hear the one about two guys named Steve and Alex sneaking into a club with a creeper?

Me neither.. But it sounds like a great time! So great, that this anonymous individual with an intense love for Techno and Minecraft decided to take the bull by the horns and create a nearly exact replica of one of the most popular nightclubs of the last decade. For those of you who were unfortunately turned away from entering this wonderful attraction of Berlin, here is your chance to skip the line and stroll right through the front doors. We were fortunate enough to speak with the creator of the map right after it’s great revel to the world:

How long did it take you to complete the creation of the Berghain map in Minecraft.

I’d say in total 10 days? It went relatively quick, I have a very vivid memory of the place. However I think you can tell by the accuracy of the recreation that I hung around the Berghain dance floor a bit more. There are more mistakes in the Panorama bar area for sure.

There is an incredible amount of detail in this project, what problems (if any) did you run into.

The tricky part is the details, for sure. The rough shape is the easiest bit, the challenge is remembering the little things that actually make the place so special. For example; I can’t recreate the intricate design of the Klobar counter in Minecraft.

What are your plans for the map.

To be honest I’m not sure… About Berghain: At first, I liked to entertain the idea that rejectees could catch a glimpse of the inside of the techno-mecca through my video. But now that the video spread so much and so many people saw it – I feel like I’m kinda working against what the club stands for, and towards a voyeuristic tendency. That’s something that I definitely don’t like to do. I intended the video to be seen by maybe a handful of people on the r/techno subreddit; people who are into into the music in the first place. That’s why the video was published on r/techno, unlisted and not monetized. I never expected it to blow up so much, to be honest. It might sound very pretentious, as if I had perfectly recreated the club (which I definitely haven’t) but it would be a bit disappointing to have the entire area for everyone to see on the internet. Where’s the fun in that?

I got my fun out of building the area in Minecraft, not sure how I feel about THAT many people seeing it though. At the moment I’ve got a lot on my plate with work anyway, but I still might try to build other clubs, just for the heck of it! But maybe next time I’ll keep the builds to myself : )

Berghain | Panorama Bar is known for it’s exclusivity, this is what makes it a musical treasure in this technologically driven society. So keep standing on that long line every time you’re in Berlin, remember to leave your video recorders at home, and note that this is just a glimpse of what to expect when visiting this legendary venue. Let’s take a brief moment in history to give a well deserved round of applause, for the sake of video gaming and the modern lengths of digital creativity.