Artist: r²π – Neel – Svreca

Release: Isomorphism

Label: Unità Psicofisica

Release Date: May 3rd, 2019

Manent’s “Unità Psicofisica” imprint celebrates one year of existence with the “Isomorphism” EP, which showcases quality work from supergroup “r²π” [, Ruhig and Prg/m] – As well as remixes from arguably one of the best mastering engineerings in the world of Techno & Electronica: “Neel”, and the young producer from Madrid who owns one of the most profound Techno/IDM labels in existence: “Svreca”.

With the amount of talent etched onto the stone of this hypnotic project, you’re going to need to sit down and take a breather in order to fully understand the creative depth of these experimental jam sessions. After breaking down these four recordings, I couldn’t help but to think about Swiss -American Psychiatrist “Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’s” studies on the 5 Stages of Grief:

Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – Acceptance

Now, because Techno is a direct representation of the circle of life, it has the power to enlighten the listener by shedding light onto the many natural powers of the Earth’s ecosystem. The progression of the EP can be interpreted by Elizabeth Ross’s studies:

Isomorphism’s first track: “Strange Loop” (written by r²π) was the calm before the storm. This vision is forward thinking, hypnotic in all of the right ways that build tension – the denial/fear of what’s ahead. Neel’s remix of Strange Loop stands for the journey into the storm. A deep and stationary movement that transfigures into a peak filled with heightened energy and tempo shifts. This energy can be interpreted as a phase of anger, a sudden jolt of electricity that opens your eyes to mortality. At this very moment, this tonal storm being constructed reveals itself as a humanistic entity.

The third track of the EP: “Recursive” (written by r²π) is fully aware of what it means to be human (thanks to Neel on that last track), therefore human emotions start to flourish within the sonic environment. This is the wine down, the depression after the peak. The Groovy bass-line maintains a positive outlook throughout the entire recording – this is the most essential segment within the journey because it captures the attention of the listener in a way they do not yet understand. As the track goes on, those smooth percussive sounds start to diminish.

Svreca’s remix is where the story starts to really come together, the storm subsides leaving the listener in a state of acceptance. The fate is understood, the road is set, and the prominent atmosphere leaves you feeling content. A deep & crisp kick drum completes the EP as the project comes to a close, the storm is over and you’ll never be the same.

The Isomorphism EP was conducted in an intelligent matter. Perfection doesn’t exist within the human psyche, so these four recordings expose a goldmine of human emotions within a mechanical environment. They all ultimately bargain for the knowledge necessary to survive and create balance within it’s constructed ecosystem. All in all, Unità Psicofisica follows their last release: “Collisioni Sonore”, with a project for the record books. They’ve set a high standard for dramatic storytelling, and all eyes are turning in their direction in wonder of whats to come.

In regards to the principle of “Yin/Yang” what does the idea of Isomorphism mean to you.