We have something truly special in store for you today, namely a 2-hour-recording of r2π‘s live performance at Fuse in Brussels during the Midgar showcase, held on November 17th. r²π exists of PRG/M, Ruhig and the Retina.it duo and never ceases to find new ways to invigorate the listeners of their music by continuously pushing the boundaries of what they understand as techno music. This new recording does just that once again, with a performance that is 50% improvised on the spot, creating an organic flow to the set.

The group of Italians have also been trying to build more of a scene in Southern Italy, organising annual events by the name of Sonic Subsidence, held in Pompeii. These usually take place after the summer with performances of the artists in the team, as well as one foreign guest.

Upcoming is the forthcoming EP on Unità psicofisica by r²π called Isomorphism.