For Monument’s 207th podcast, it is our pleasure to introduce Stockholm’s, Dan Vicente Aka Acronym. The former Northern Electronics affiliate has been highly regarded for the most part of six years. Being a craftsman of mesmerising, emotive ambient, also driving into the deeper territories of textural techno. As a result has lent to a stunning catalogue of releases on Labels, Semantica, field records and of course, a respected service to Anthony linell’s, Northern Electronics. Eager to build, the inspired artist has embarked on a new expedition. With the emergence of fresh new imprint Stilla Ton, an intriguing direction follows. More recently, the Debut record of collaborative project between multi-instrumentalists Acronym & Kali Malone. “The Torrid Eye” A 5 track EP recorded using Buchla 200 series modular synthesizer as the foundation.

The Swedish artist has an upcoming EP   “Mistress of the Copper Mountain” that is going to be released on my own label Stilla Ton in late May.

For the next hour, Acronym presents a selection of propulsive house grooves and squelching futuristic techno. Enjoy.

We also have the pleasure of welcoming the talented artist to our very first MNMT Festival, held on June 7-9th on a peninsula outside of Oslo. For more info on this go to: