Berlin based producer AVION’s structured techno has found home on respected labels like Index Marcel Fengler, District 66, Stress Research and Pure. However, his own label Crossing – launched in 2013 – has hosted the majority of his work when not releasing music by Pfirter, Doka, The Automatic Message and Milton Bradley (as Doomsday Device). It only makes sense then that AVION’s debut LP sees him return to his imprint. Untrod is available to listen online now. We got to speak to AVION and ask him what his ten favourite tracks right now were.

Juju and Jordash – Deep Blue Meanies (Monobox Remix)
This record is to be honest always in my bag and fits in nearly every situation. An all-round spooky wonder.

Answer Code Request – Peripetia
My absolute favourite from ACR. It seems and sounds so easy but this track has the perfect balance between suffering and kick off.

Jeff Mills – Growth
As I heard the track for the first time I didn’t understand what he was doing. The offset feeling was confusing to me as well the short outbreak and left several question marks. Finally it made my way deeper dive into sound and rhythm to shape understanding and the connection. Pure minimalism ecstasy from one of my biggest influences. 

Hoover – Hoover 1B
I will never get tired of the sound of Shed. A perfect weapon at every time in special locations.

The Octagon Man – Vidd
I am a big fan of the works from J. Saul Kane (Depth Charge/The Octagon Man). His feeling for melody and atmosphere is outstanding. As this record came to the record shop only two were available and finally my brother and I got them. A lucky day for my musical life.

Jensen Interceptor – Biometric
A good friend told me about this artist two weeks ago and this is only one of his wonderful sounds I discovered here. Pure Power!

Thomas Hessler – Perception
After I saw Thomas playing at Berghain I discovered this tune from him and asked him some weeks later to do a remix for Crossing. A starting point for more.

Christian Morgenstern – Ex Machina
Minimalism maximised! To only pick one track of this outstanding album (Death before disko) was hard but this rolling weapon and its short outbreak is just perfect. 

Karen Gwyer – He’s been teaching me to drive (Ron Morelli Remix)
What Ron Morelli did in this remix is focusing on hypnotic groove and deadly driving percussions. A combination which cannot fail. He kept it right to its underground feeling without losing the view to the bigger rooms. For me this remix is state of the art.

Marco Shuttle and Gabriella Vergilov – The Moon Chant
This track is one of my current favourites. Not to be missed in any set. I love the melancholic atmosphere which is mysterious and driving. Everything here was done right.

Listen to AVION’s top 10 tracks together in the playlist below.