In February, we talked with Berlin-based Sabine Hoffmann about her work, Frauengedeck and her future plans. Over the last years, Sabine has already toured through different venues in Berlin and abroad. Her vinyl-only sets are a unique blend of techno, electro and house, and her record-collection is her way of telling a story to the crowds.

Monument is delighted to present 10 tracks from Sabine’s collection.

Artist: Drexciya
Track: You Don’t Know

Artist: Claro Intelecto
Track: Chicago

Artist: Jared Wilson
Track: This Love

Artist: Double 99
Track: RIP Groove

Artist: Jasper Dahlbäck
Track: What Is The Time, Mr Templar

Artist: Mood II Swing
Track: Move Me

Artist: Delta Funktionen
Track: Black Endlessness

Artist: DJ Sprinkles
Track: Grand Central Part I (MCDE Bassline Dub)

Artist: Armando
Track: Land Of Confusion

Artist: Convextion
Track: Convextion A1