We are celebrating International Women’s day with a member of the Female:pressure movement; Klara, who we are glad to welcome to make this week’s MNMT Podcast contribution. Klara started her DJ career as a resident of the all-female techno collective Code XX parties in Skopje, back in 2015. The emerging artist has been representative of the more boundary-pushing sounds hailing from the Eastern Europe. With her live ambient project Vedis, she produces warm and tranquillising sounds. Under her other alias; Klara, she also performs as a DJ, showcasing more deep and hypnotic techno sounds.

The mix she prepared for us exemplifies her talent for selecting multi-layered sounds that both can can operate as a massage for the mind, as well as generating a compulsion to dance to the various profound sounds she brings to the table. Take a trip to the inner world with the artist who is also studying psychology and alchemy when she is not bringing club and festival crowds to a state of ecstasy. Enjoy.