Artist: Forest On Stasys

Release: A Vision Of Light

Label: Danza Nativa

Release date: 21st January 2019

Danza Nativa is a new Argentinian label commanded by Seraf, Kyntral & Forest On Stasys. The Buenos Aires based label’s ideology is to focus on the deepest nuances of electronic music. The three artists involved have an admiration toward psychedelic rhythms, tribal percussions and repetitive melodies. The concepts of abstraction and atonality when creating music are present in the label’s debut, A Vision Of Light by Forest On Stasys(Referred to as FOS from hereon).


Shaman Theme opens the record with a moody, atmospheric tone. Rattling percussion grows in stature before fading away into the distance, only to draw back into focus with more accompaniment. The ambient elements of Shaman Theme identify with those of a psychedelic experience. The vast, expansive array of percussion exhibited by FOS on this track make for a fantastic listening experience. The rise and fall of the rhythmic elements mirror the ritualistic introduction to a shaman guided ‘trip’ and work as a clever vehicle to set the tempo for A Vision Of Light.


Tribal Gathering sees FOS move towards the dancefloor while keeping the South American tribal theme previously heard in tact. Tribal Gathering displays FOS’ ability to design immersive soundscapes that transport the listener to his place of choice. A conga takes control of the airy track for the most part, with some well placed melodies adding to the atmosphere. Less-is-more in terms of the drums on display here, to FOS’ benefit.


Golden Scales moves the record to a more introspective, psychedelic place. The mood has been changed to a more somber tone, with swirling strings hanging in the air over dark resonating melodies. A more straight forward rhythmic structure has been implemented by FOS here; allowing for intermittent, more jagged sounding melodies to have more of an edge by sitting on top of a more solidified base.


Vacuumed Memories continues down the introspective route, slowly drawing the listener to the final stage of the shaman’s trip. FOS’ use of delay and reverb on percussive elements is akin to a South American take on dub, and works wonderfully here. Atmospheric tones are the driving force of Vacuumed Memories; whirling around in the distance, growing more in significance over time while never demanding the listeners full attention. FOS’ brilliantly placed rhythms allow the track to gain traction, rise to a head and then naturally come to a close with complete fluidity. Think: Argentinian Deepchord.


A Vision Of Light is the debut record by Forest On Stasys on his co-owned label Danza Nativa. The debut is a promising start to the label, with FOS showing a talent for expansive sound design and rhythmic structure. Combining the percussion of a shamanistic ritual with techno was a clever move to start the EP. FOS continues down this tribalistic path for the rest of A Vision Of Light. By wearing his Argentinian roots on his sleeve throughout the record, FOS has succeeded in crafting a unique sound – psychedelic techno with a South American touch. If this record is anything to go by, Danza Nativa are a label to keep an eye on in the future.

Listen to Vacuumed Memories by Forest On Stasys below.