Artist: Ness

Release: Moving through Illusions

Label: The Gods Planet

Release Date: 15 December 2018

Around this time last year, The Gods Planet honcho Ness honoured our 141st podcast episode with an immersive, charging recording of his set at Fuse. His is a special ability to make you float and stay grounded all at once, a true test of your corporeal unity. The English meaning of his name being a ‘point of land, usually high and with a sheer drop, extending out into a body of water,’ he lives up to that with another formidable EP: Moving through Illusions.


A Darkly Sunset in Barcelona and In the Meanderings of Shibuya combine to deliver a tale of ascension inspired by two scenic urban jungles. The tribute to the Catalan capital oscillates breathlessly between driving thumps and uplifting ambience. The latter, whose elements speak to each other and enwrap you, will tease your imagination and leave you swaying restlessly from side to side.


Ness continues to flex his blending chops. The Moon in Montreal billows along with a lupine growl that will switch on even the shiest dancer. Tastefully, it serves a generous helping of hypnotism with that full-body workout.

The Mist in Cherni Vrah remains as true to its title as its creator is to his. Ness delivers an elevating soundscape perfect for peak-time exploration. Artfully, he remains loyal to a gritty snarl and menace established on the B-side. Yet, gliding above your head remain angelic hums, beguiling twinkles and the charming flow of sound design genius.


Fresh off the back of features in compilations from Mental Modern and End of Perception, Ness returns home to his label with an EP that fits perfectly with a celebrated TGP tradition: melding mind-bending ambience with four-to-the-floor substance.