In November 2018 Monument premiered another bunch of hypnotic, deep and mesmerising techno – what was your favourite?

CYB & Elisa Batti – Neon Sculptures (Wrong Assessment Remix)

The new Amsterdam-based label @ImmaterialArchives celebrates its first release, featuring tracks by the label heads @CYBofficial and @Elisa-Batti and remixes by Michael Jablonski and Wrong Assesment. Monument’s pick for the premiere is track Neon Sculptures, remixed by Wrong Assessment.

Drafted – Paradigma Areo

The Italian producer @Drafted01 releases an EP with @Edit-Select Records. The Resonaural Scene EP consists of four tracks, one of them Paradigma Areo.

Dark Division – Anisotropy Of The Void (PRG/M Tritone Paradox Remix)

The Italian imprint @Hidden-Tapes is back with an EP full of dark and experimental sounds. The label’s third release features six orininal tracks by @DarkDivision as well as two remixes. Monument premieres PRG/M‘s (@progra_m) “tritone paradox” remix of track Anisotropy of the Void.

Acronym & Korridor – Untitled

The Swedish producers Acronym (@4cr0nym) and @Korridor present their first-ever collaboration, released under @Vaagner label. Named simply as the “Untitled EP“, the three-tracker is based on the duo’s self-released cassette.

Toki Fuko – Oblation

The Russian producer @TokiFuko is the artist to open @Affin‘s cassette series. Monument premieres track “Oblation” from the release including four tracks of the producer’s beautiful, textured soundscapes.

Bas Mooy – Mussen

@PoleGroup is back with its Unknown Landscapes Vol. 6 release, this time selected and mixed by Lewis Fautzi. The release includes 22 unreleased tracks for example from Svreca, Shifted, Refracted, Wrong Assesment and Mord-boss @Bas-Mooy.

MA – Ekō

After debuting with @Semantica-Records in 2017, MA returns to the label with Silent Perfume LP. Monument premieres track Ekō from the album including nine tracks of intriguing and experimental sounds.

Atis – Ismene

The fresh Brussels-based producer @AtisMusic is the next artist to release with fellow-Belgian @FormAndFunctionRecords. The vinyl version of Movement I EP consists of four tracks, one of them a driving remix by @Cassegrain duo, the digital version comes with one more bonus track.

Aleja Sanchez – Octans

Run by @DjAlejaSanchez, the Colombian label @NorthallsenRecords celebrates its first vinyl release. The Signums de Caelo EP‘s vinyl version comes with two original tracks by Sanchez and remixes by Von Grall and AWB whereas the digital version includes two more tracks.

Artefakt – Anora

The Spanish label @Sungate-Records is back with its 5th release. Named as Magnetic Field #1 , the EP features tracks by Hiver, Conforce, Exos and @Artefakt-Official, whose track “Anora” is Monument’s pick for the premiere.

BNJMN – Hypnagogia Pt. 2

The UK-born but Berlin-based producer BNJMN (@bnjmnnn) releases his first album since seven years. Released under the famous Dutch label @DelsinRecords, the Hypnagogia LP is a ten-tracker that takes the artist towards more hypnotic and soothing soundscapes. MNMT also wrote a review of the album.

Kobarey – Orithyia (Sæbius Side)

Last January, @Kobarey released an EP of three ambient cuts on his Bandcamp: Nereids. In greek mythology, the Nereids are the goddesses of the sea, and Orithyia is the goddess of the Raging sea. The label invited four artist to give their own interpretation of her, and Monument picked @saebiusmusic‘s remix: a deep, dark dub techno version of the original track.

Birds ov Paradise – Ironroot

Swedish @BirdsOvParadise releases his second EP with @Hypnus Records. The Savannah EP is a four-tracker full of the producers magical sounds, and Monument premieres the EP’s opening track Ironroot.

Acronym & Kali Malone – Tempest of Joy

The Swedish producer Acronym releases an EP together with @Kali-Malone under his label @StillaTon. The tracks of the Torrid Eye EP have been recorded at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm using a Buchla 200 Series modular synthesizer and some other analog equipment.

 Unjin – Ties (Hydrangea Remix)

@KizenRecords releases an EP by Seoul-based producer @Unjin. The vinyl version of Hui Gui EP features three atmospheric downtempo tracks, as well as beautiful remixes by Hypnus-boss @Ntogn and @Hydrangeamusic. The digital version comes with two bonus tracks.

Alan Backdrop – Hǎiyáng

@MentalModern releases a V/A compilation by four great Italian artists – Ness, Luigi Tozzi, Mod21 and @Alan-Backdrop, whose dreamy track Hǎiyáng is Monument’s pick for the premiere. The digital version comes with one more “Bandcamp Exclusive” track by Gianluca Meloni aka @Laertes.

Ryogo Yamamori – Nanakusa

@RyogoyamamoriTracks is back on his own @951Beat imprint with an EP full of deep and tribal elements. Monument premieres Nanakusa, a beautiful example of the releases soudscapes.

Marco Shuttle – Cyberia

The Italian @Marco_Shuttle releases an EP with @TheBunkerNY label. The Moon Chant EP is a combination of three hypnotising and dance-floor-friendly cuts, all of them having Shuttle’s recognisable, unique touch.

Daniel[i] – Silent Leaves

After having discovered Daniel[i] with a delicious remix EP of Saebius’s music released on @Lowless, we decided to highlight some of his personal work. Silent Leaves is part of an upcoming self-released compilation called ‘Anothing‘, which gathers the artist’s recent 5 years of production.

Reeko/Jonas Kopp – Confundiéndolos

@Semantica-Records releases a collaboration between @Reeko and @Jonas-Kopp. The Realidades Holográficas I: Torre De Babel is an EP with four driving and textured cuts, and Monument’s pick for the premiere is the B1 track Confundiéndolos.

DJ Sodeyama – Test Pttrn 005

The Japanese DJ Sodeyama (@arparecords) joins the Parisian @Quartz-Rec‘s roster with I Wanna Dance EP. The four-tracker features drifting elements and hypnotic, repetitive patterns, such in Monument’s premiere track TEST PTTRN 005.

D-Leria – Ectoplasm

Italian producer @D-leria releases an album consisting of tracks he has produced between years 2014 and 2018. Released with his @DelirioRecordings imprint, the album consists of ten beautiful experimental and hypnotising cuts. Read also MNMT Review of D-Lerias album.

Viels – Rhyuski Grhosour

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Dutch label @Dynamic-Reflection released a massive five-release compilation of music for example by Ness, Blawan, Luigi Tozzi and more. Monument premieres Italian @Viels track Rhyuski Grhosour from the last instalment of the release series.