Eclectic selection and downtempo music by the currently Amsterdam-based DJ Stanley aka Hïro Ikematsu for this week’s podcast episode.  With a penchant towards the psychedelic, kaleidoscopic and peripheral ends of house and techno, Stanley draws from a myriad of influences to construct a dynamic DJ set with a wealth of atmosphere, mood and groove.

Under Space Debris Committee, he and his fellow promoter partners GINGA and ZHIQI has brought a diverse group of artists to Shanghai and Beijing.  DJ Nobu, Peter van Hoesen and ENA are just some examples of the various acclaimed artists that have played at these events. As Space Waves,  together with fellow residents GALAXIS and ELLI-ARAKAWA, they have organised  innovative genre-lessparties in the small corners of the Tokyo party scene.

Please sit back and enjoy the hour-and-a-half mix Stanley has prepared, showcasing his deep-seated eclectic take on electronic music.
The Guardian – Suso Sáiz – MFM
Gamut – DSR Lines – Spoel
Assertiveness – Vakula – A
Near a Mirrored Pit Viper – Jonas Reinhardt – Powers of Audition
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Earth Part V – Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook – The Dark Side Of The Moog Vol. IX
Vintergatan – Fjäder – Shades of Light
African Virus (Electronic Sonata With a Cold Loved by Nature)(Part V) – Outland (Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell) -Outland 2
Lumbar Spasm – Steve Law – Anatomy in Suspension
Flauto Synthetico – Marco Shuttle – Flauto Synthetico
Probe into Static – Vactrol Park – II
Dogma – Objekt – Flatland
Sussing – Tolouse Low Trax – Jeidem Fall
Dael – Autechre – Tri Repetae++
Definition of Life – Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell – Outland 3
UK74R1515120 – Aleksi Perälä – The Colundi Sequence Level 13
Unclear Vape – The Future Sound of London – Environment Six