Artist: Mike Parker & r²π

Release: Embodiment Of The Will

Label: Subosc

Release date: 17th December 2018

Subosc have commissioned a split EP from Mike Parker and r²π for their latest release, Embodiment Of The Will. Parker, known for releases on Geophone , provided two futuristic techno tracks on the A side.  r²π, an Italian group comprised of, PRG/M and Ruhig, known for their previous release on Midgar, provided two hypnotic techno tracks on the B side.

Trailing Particles sees Parker using futuristic, hypnotic melodies to create an auditory landscape that evolve over the duration of the track. His clever use of reverberation is pronounced on Trailing Particles. By letting the elements of the analogue synthesizers grow through repetition, Parker creates rhythms within rhythms. This is comparable to Minimal Nation era Robert Hood; albeit Parker’s style has moved toward the contemporary hypnotic subculture of techno.

Trireme features a more alien sound design, with shrill and futuristic elements coming to the forefront. Parker displays a talent for brilliant sound design on Trireme. The hypnotic spectrum of tones breathes beautifully as Parker doesn’t overcrowd the mix with too many elements. This track would be suited for those looking for the more experimental side of techno.

r²π take control of the B side from Stato Intermedio, a brilliantly crafted hypnotic techno piece that showcase the depth of r²π’s sound design capabilities. Dark broody soundscapes setting the tone, bleeps atmospherically hang over metallic tones with a slow pumping bass line driving the track. The experimental beat pattern laid down by r²π suits the hypnotic nature of the track.

Persona offers a more straight forward beat than previously heard, with a soothing bleeping sound floating above. Everything about Persona is hypnotic: the tones, the way the rhythms move within themselves, the melodies, the beats. Persona closes Embodiment Of The Will on a high, showing r²π’s ability to gracefully hypnotise their audience with phenomenal sound design and excellent rhythmic structure.

Embodiment Of The Will sees Mike Parker and r²π teach a masterclass in the composition of hypnotic techno. Aspiring producers – take notes.