As we already know, Finland has brought us techno talents such as Samuli Kemppi, Aleksi Perälä, Hannu Ikola and already passed Mika Vainio. But who are producers bubbling under the surface – the next wave of Finnish techno acts? As a part of new article series, Monument presents five upcoming techno producers, this time from the Land of Thousand Lakes and Deep Space Helsinki.


In Satoi’s (pictured above) productions experimental techno meets lush ambient soundscapes. The artists first solo release, an ambient cassette, was released this summer under Finnish Kaukana Väijyy Ambient, later Satoi has released an experimental techno EP with Etherwerks. The artists future holds more live gigs as well as running his own label Post-Rift.


Kaspiann, Planet Rhythm

The Helsinki-based Kaspiann released his debut EP this year on the famous Planet Rhytm label, and earlier his hypnotic sounds that are often inspired by psychedelia and trance-like elements have been distributed for example by ARTS Digital series. In the upcoming months the artist is releasing new material on different labels,  such as Etherwerks. Kaspiann also works with self-built sound systems, and names them as a crucial part of his work.



The Helsinki-based KADE is known of her live performances not only at underground parties in Finland, but also selected clubs and festivals in her motherland. Besides the gigs, the producer’s dark melodies, static grooves, abstract sounds and different textures can be heard in a track she has released with Finnish label Friendship & Decadence. More releases is to come, as KADE is currently busy with finishing her solo ensembles. She is also working on Dentalworks, a project she has included her childhood soundscapes from a dental clinic run by her parents. 



Inspired by the deeper dimensions of sound, video games and progressive music to name a few, the Helsinki-based Kaiunta released his debut EP on Finnish label Etherwerks earlier this year. The artist has also been collaborating with fellow-Finns Hannu Ikola and Kaila and is currently planning his next release.



Hailing from the small city of Kuopio, Latmos is perhaps the most relevant add on the list on Finnish export techno products with his space-vibed and restrained sounds. In October the young producer released an impressive debut EP on Samuli Kemppi‘s and Fredrik Hatsav’s Blacklabel Distillery. One of the tracks was remixed by Mike Parker, a legendary producer Latmos names as one his inspirations. Currently the producer is preparing his upcoming live sets, and more releases are likely to be expected from him in the future.

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