Electronic music has always been diverse. During the last few years, Techno has become a worldwide phenomenon bringing great and varied tracks by countless of talented producers. With a new article series, Monument presents some emerging producers from different countries, people who are still lesser-known but who deserve more recognition for their work. First we are looking at producers who are based in Germany.


Christian Gerlach

Mike Parker, Edit Select and Alfredo Mazzilli. These are just a few names that have already brought out high-quality material on Lanthan.audio label, owned by Christian Gerlach. Managing his own imprint and touring as a DJ, its not a surprise that the label boss/chief himself is also producing.

The five tracks on the Avior EP are showing Christians diverse knowledge of techno and are a perfect addition into the series of productions of his label. For sure, we can say it wont be his last release.



Living already a while in Germany Wallis has made her way through to Berlins leading clubs such as Griessmuehle, ://about blank and Arena Club. Her sounds are merciless industrial rhythms with a raw and brutal undertones, especially in her modular synth live performances. Mainly based on recorded live jams, Walliss productions on Chemical Warefare EP together with Tolga Baklacioglu on VENT are representing her dark and industrial sounds with a modular heat.



With releases on their own imprint Blanksheet, the Berlin-based duo Hedrome are showing their unique style of driving but also dreamy productions, which have deserved early support from artists like Amotik, Anetha, Luigi Tozzi and many more. The balance between the powerful energy and melancholic melodies is mesmerising, and should be one of the reasons to keep an eye for Hedrome’s future Releases.



Born in Poland and now based in Berlin, Głós has gained a remarkable reputation as a producer and live artist. His productions on labels such as Ressort Imprint or Escapism are showing his abilities what it comes to creating tracks going from ambient landscapes to faster club sounds with an emotional touch. He recently released an album called Fem, where you can hear all those characteristics of his unique sound.



Melania. is one of the new members of the label aufnahme + wiedergabe, founded by Phillip Strobel in 2011. The label stands for dirty Techno, EBM and New Wave with a post punk attitude. After a few releases on Subsist and Labrynth, her Rimorsum EP on [a + w], that also features remixes by Codex Empire, Rich Oddie and Katran, is no exception: it is a mixture of industrial sounds and heavy dark melodies, that perfectly fit into [a + w]‘s concept.