September 2018 was another month of outstanding techno releases. As usual, we have combined all of them together for you. What was your favourite? Please comment below.

Refracted – Dom

Black Codes Experiments releases Code One EP featuring tracks from techno pioneers Tensal, Refracted, Abstract Division and the label boss Ian Axide. Monument premieres @Refracted-Music‘s Dom, the release’s closing track with dubby soundscapes and hypnotising elements.

Vaeg – Locus Tempus

Ricardo Garduno‘s @Illegal-Alien-Records releases a Capitale Peccatorum EP with @VaeegOfficial. Monument premieres Locus Tempus, a track with deep, dark and melodic elements.

Ymir – Nazare

After 1,5 years, the London-based Ymir returns to @Norite label. From Heaven to Earth EP is a four-tracker that features intelligent percussions, droning atmospheres and metallic sounds.

Portrait – Vitra (Rhyw remix)

The fresh Berlin-based @AuraDinamica releases its second EP, this time from the label boss Portrait (@PortraitAka). The three-tracker, as well as the labels general sound, can be described as modern techno with an atmospheric bent. Monument premieres the title track of the release, remixed by @Rhyw, half of the @Cassegrain duo.

Arnaud Le Texier – Granular Therapy

The London-based @ChildrenOfTomorrow celebrates it’s 10th anniversary with a first full-length album from @ArnaudLeTexierThe Granular Therapy LP is a variety of techno that stretches from ambient, broken beat, hypnotic to raw, along with subtle grooves, wondrous atmospheres and sonic textures. Monument premieres the a deep techno track Granular Therapy, that is also the name track of the release.

Bryan Chapman – I Don’t Know How My Mother’s Feet Look Like

After releasing four EPs over the last year, @BryanChapman delivers his debut album, 7 Shadows And Iron Lungs on his own label, Monotony (@Mntymntymnty).

Massa – Binocular Disparity

The Barcelona-based label Hidden Traffic is back with its fourth release, a personal project from the label boss @Massa. Monument premieres the title track of the release, that also represents the musical identity of the artist and his label.

Kaspiann – Ethereal

Finnish producer Kaspiann (@SoundsOfKaspiann) releases Polar EP with @PlanetRhythmRec. Monument premieres Ethereal from the four-track release.

Ben Buitendijk – Alternative Hypothesis

The Rotterdam-based Ben Buitendijk (@BenBui) returns his own label @Oblique-Music with Alternative Hypothesis EP. The three-tracker stays true to the labels “emotionally driven techno of a deeply layered nature” focus, and Monument is happy to premiere the name track of the release.

9Beats – Utopia

Georgian @PalmStructure‘s sub-label Structural Realism releases its third V/A compilation featuring atmospheric and deep tracks from Skòll, Nferee, Saphileaum, Vâyu, S.V.R.A, Skyra, Black General and 9Beats, whose track Utopia by the French-based artist @9_beats.

The Gods Planet – Unreleased #1

Berlin-based label @Suburban-Avenue releases a V/A compilation featuring 21 unreleased tracks for example from Drafted, Simone Gatto, Cyspe, Tripeo, Kwartz, Leiras and Pär Grindvik.

Track Unreleased #1 by @TheGodsPlanet, a duo consisting of two Italian pioneers of hypnotic techno, @ClaudioPRC and Ness is Monument’s pick for the premiere.

Alfredo Mazzilli – Icarus XB1

Producer @Alfredo-Mazzilli is the other half of newly established @Supercinema-Records, a label founded together with his fellow Italian Graziano Umile. The labels first release, Supercinema 001, features three tracks from Mazzilli himself, one of them remixed by Eric Cloutier.

Mod21 – Epilogue 5

The Italian producer Manuele Chiaravalloti, aka @Mod21 releases Chapter 1 (Epilogue) album under his own label “21“. Monument premieres track Epilogue 5, one of the fastest tracks of the eight-tracker consisting of deep, industrial and experimental sounds.

Aos – What/Why (Fugal Remix)

For its 5th release, @secondnatureseattle showcases its very own Aos with Violent Light, a 4-tracker EP . Monument chose to premiere Fugal’s remix of What/Why, a deeper and more rolling flip of the original track.

Korridor – Geotetra

Led by Manent, the Italian label @UnitaPsicofisica releases it’s second output, The Collisioni Sonore Pt. 1 EP. The release features tracks by PRG/M, Von Grall, SHLTR and Korridor, whose track Geotetra is Monument’s pick for the premiere.

Saphileaum – Blessings From Elementals

The Tbilisi-based producer @Saphileaum releases an EP under Ryogo Yamamori‘s @951Beat label. Monument’s pick for the premiere from the four-tracker is the beautiful opener, Blessings from Elementals.

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